Posted by: sebion | March 1, 2012

New meets old: retro digital piano

Some weeks ago I salvaged the action and keys of an old Oberdämpfer (I don’t know how they’re called in english, but I am speaking of the ones where the dampers are positioned above the strike point) upright piano:

As you can see there is a lot of work involved to make this baby work again. The key coatings had to be re-glued and a lot of bending was necessary till the keyboard was usable. But nevertheless I managed to mount the thing on a wooden plate and cleaned the entire action while maintaining the axes to reduce friction:

 I also build myself a little tool for regulation the action: A screwdriver for eye screws…

I made a hammer-stop-bar to substitute the strings where the hammers normally bounce at and glued refectiontags at the other end of the keys:

Finally the sensor bar was mounted on an L section that will be positioned above the reflective tags:

I think you can imagine what will follow up next here? You’re right a first recording on the new old piano… thing… 😉



  1. Awesome! That’s just terrific. I had no clue how to do such things, so I’ll be playing my old clavinova and pianoteq4 (which I love, so I am not bitter that I don’t have your skills^^). But this is extreeeemely interesting. I’ll bookmark this site to watch your progress^^. All the very best!

  2. Are you going to sell those? I’m loving this project, great work man.

    • If Fortune is with me I will!

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