Posted by: sebion | July 27, 2012

Gummy bears and an optical progressive pedal sensor

Yes you are right. I’m actually using gummy bears in my piano action to enhance its repetition behavior:

Of course this is not a final solution but a good test before I buy materials for a damper bar that does exactly the same without the ability to dry out 😉

Today I soldered my very first progressive pedal sensor and attached it to the pedals that came with the modern piano action I’m currently using. They’re working much smoother than the old ones of my digital piano I used to read out (They weren’t actually designed for continuous readings but it worked nevertheless). Very stable midi values ideal for practicing half or quarter pedaling 😉

The module is connected via ribbon cable to the mainboard and you can attach any continuous or non continuous pedal controller to it (no need for optical ones, but if you need a progressive pedal controller those CNY70 controllers are the easiest option to build them). And Action:



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