Posted by: sebion | September 25, 2012

Expression Pedal MIDI Controller(MIDI merge)

This time I’m going to present you a spin off project from EPiCK, that I’ve just created. This time it is all open source so that everyone can build one:
So what I created is a little box that forwards incomming MIDI data to its MIDI-OUT, measures the position of a plugged in pedal and add the pedal messages to the incoming MIDI stream:

The sources plus schematics can be found here:

If there is interest I’m also planing to add support for EPiCKs optical pedal sensors, so that anyone can make a continuous pedal from a simple on/off pedal unit. This could also be used with EPiCKs motherboard as a pedal controller with integrated USB-MIDI interface.



  1. […] [Sebastian] has a friend who would like to use a pedal with his MIDI setup, but his keyboard doesn’t support one. Some might interpret that as a sign you need to buy a new keyboard. But [Sebastian] has already done a lot of work with the MIDI protocol. He knew it should be possible to create a MIDI pass-through which adds support for a pedal. […]

  2. I have your Pedal Controller.sch file, and have downloaded P Spice (Student Version), but it creats en error file, and does not load,
    Please help!

    • this is a .sch file for designspark, not for PSpice.

    • Thanks Sebion,
      Now I have the circuit, please can you tell me what software created the .avrsin, and the .avrsuo files. and how to use them.

      • I used AVR studio 5 to mainain the project/sollution. You can use a makefile, too, if you prefer it.

  3. Thanks Sebion,
    I now have AVR studio 5.
    I loaded the sollution file, but without the project (.avrgccproj) file I am unable to do anything.
    As I have no experiance in this field, please help.
    I Know that AVR studio 5 will make a .sys file as I have used Microsoft Studio C++ Express a bit, but what is the resulting .sys file for?

    • You have to download the entire folder. The avrproject file is in the PedalController folder. There is also a .hex file located in its Debug folder. You can burn this hexfile to directly use the project without changing anything or having to compile everything.
      regards, Sebastian

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